Based on one of the most iconic paintings in the SFMOMA permanent collection, No 14 painted in 1960, this project was inspired by the work of one of my favorites, Mark Rothko. After a 3-year renovation, the SFMOMA reopened in 2016. During my visit to the new space, I made a series of sketches that inspired this collection.  I wanted the hammered pieces to evoke the textural and organic geometric shapes and one of the things that I love about Rothko is how his work demonstrates the strength of simplicity. Thanks to the SFMOMA and the team at the SFMOMA store for always being so awesome to work with. I'm honored and so excited that the Rothko Capsule collection is now available at the SFMOMA museum store! 


This Earring and Necklace set is in honor of his Untitled work from 1967. The use of contrast in color and geometry in Rothko’s work I find endlessly appealing. They have always stayed with me and have influenced my path in countless ways.



I once overheard a man at a museum while observing a Rothko: "I don't get this painting, it's so simple. Just big rectangles of color. I could paint that..." I had a visceral reaction and almost wanted to interject. But I reflected on why that made me upset and defensive. Perhaps its because I deeply respect that level of simplicity. Rothko was able to paint seemingly "simple" rectangles of color that I can be captivated by for hours. You start to notice the subtle textural difference and variations, the slightly organic lines in shape, the choice of color played off one another. I find it compelling. I can often experience sensory overload and get a bit overwhelmed by too much in a visual plane, so I find Rothko's work to be calming and grounding. There is a quiet beauty to his paintings and I have loved immersing myself in his creations while working on this collection.

Thanks, Mr. Rothko, for being a rebel minimalist.