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Andrea Wiener - Founder of Coaching Alchemy

Andrea Wiener  - Founder of Coaching Alchemy

I'm delighted when people reach out with stories and photos of the pieces they've purchased. These stories drive me to keep creating jewelry to bring a bit of joy, peace or remembrance to those that wear and gift it

 Andrea Wiener, the founder of Coaching Alchemy, recently sent me a gorgeous photo she's using in her outreach. She writes "I did a photoshoot for my new coaching site and wore both the necklace and bracelet you made, as they've been favorites of mine for years, and I felt like they made a great statement about who I am."

Andrea's dedicated to helping her clients realize their limitless potential and achieve the goals that define their best selves. She and I had a chance encounter years ago and it is so meaningful to see that she's continued to wear and love my pieces.

It's my reminder that jewelry, when created with intent and care, can transcend just an object and come to symbolize profound meaning, a talisman to remind us of elements we cherish, keep us strong and bring us a sense of comfort wherever we are in our journey. 

I encourage you to explore Andrea's site and the work she's doing: 

Andrea Wiener
Coaching Alchemy
P: 415.828.0908

Book a call: https://andreawiener.as.me/

As you start to walk on the way, the way appears  -Rumi

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