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Diane's Story

Diane's Story

I remember the first time I saw one of Vanessa’s beautiful works of art. It was 2007 and I had walked into a gallery in Bernal Heights, attracted by the vivid colors of the paintings inside, only to be drawn to a glass case along the wall. Inside was the most stunning necklace I have seen: a large silver circular piece of metal with a delicate, sparkling silver chain woven through the circular frame. I was between jobs at the time, so I left the store without the necklace, but could not stop thinking about it.

A month or two later, once again employed, I found myself at a jewelry trunk show at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I wandered among the designer’s tables, mentally creating a wish list of jewelry to add to my collection. Midway through the room, I spotted a table with the most stunning necklace I’d ever seen: the same silver circular metal piece with the interwoven chain- the Aperture Necklace. That was when I first met Vanessa, the artist and lovely human being behind these unique works of art. Needless to say, I walked out of the trunk show with a new necklace and a new friend.


Over the years, I have bought several pieces from Vanessa, both for myself and as gifts for friends. My growing collection includes a necklace reminiscent of a kite, the Linea necklace, which represents the footprint of the SF MOMA, a Golden Gate Bridge necklace, the Eames Necklace - a half circle with interwoven chains, and a pair of extraordinary silver circle earrings with two small circles suspended form one large circle. I wear one of Vanessa’s pieces nearly every day and constantly receive compliments.

I have jotted her website down on backs of envelopes, coffee shop napkins scraps on paper from a stranger’s purse. Once, a woman followed me out of the grocery store and ran through the parking lot to ask me to write Vanessa’s website on her grocery bag. Recently, while waiting for the last person to arrive at a meeting, a co-worker commented on the half circle necklace I was wearing and in minutes, all five people (men and women) at the meeting had logged onto Vanessa’s website and were “shopping” until the meeting began.

Vanessa’s work is so unique and striking, its appeal is universal. And as a bonus, Vanessa is a truly kind, generous person with a knack for making you feel like an instant friend. She has treated me with great care every time I’ve made a purchase and her suggestions are always spot on. Her level of customer service is second to none. I have referred friends to Vanessa over the years and she treats them with the same level of customer service that I receive. She treats me with the same care with which she would treat a friend, and that makes all the difference.

- Diane W


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